Web Order System (WOS)

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Experience a user-friendly order management system.

  • Section
  • Basic Information Management
  • Order (Purchase) Management
  • Order Reception/Settlement/CS
  • System Integration
  • WOS Scope
  • Special Agreement Point (Agency), Retail Point (Customer) Management

    Product Information Management

    Promotion Management

    Last Mile (Delivery Method) Management

    Notice Management

    Membership Application/Approval

  • Order Registration

    Batch Order Registration

    Order Inquiry/Modification

    Order Status Inquiry

    Delivery Status Inquiry

    CS Registration/Notice Check

  • Order Confirmation/Reception/Modification

    Inventory Confirmation/Release Instruction

    Settlement Management

    Performance Management (Customer, Product, Sales, etc.)

    Sales/Accounting History Inquiry

    CS Management

  • Product Management (ERP, OMS)

    Inventory by Product (WMS)

    Release Instruction (WMS)

    Sales/Accounting History (ERP)

    Waybill Number/Delivery Status (WMS, Courier)

  • Main Features
  • Management of Basic Information for Special Agreement Points, Credit Status, etc.

    Management of Retail Points and Individual Customers by Special Agreement Point

    Product Management (Basic, Sales Quantity, Unit Price, Out of Stock)

    Promotion and Last Mile Management

    Management of System and Product-related Notices

    Application and Approval Management for General Individual Customer Membership

  • Registration of Orders by Product and Order History Selection

    Batch Order Registration via Excel File

    Order History Inquiry and Modification

    Order Status Inquiry, Payment Amount, etc.

    Delivery Status Inquiry by Order History

    CS Registration and Notice Check

  • Customer-specific, Order Date-specific Order History Confirmation

    Order History Reception Processing and Release Instruction

    Customer-specific, Period-specific Settlement Management

    Performance Management by Customer, Product (Sales Quantity, Sales Amount, etc.)

    Sales and Accounting Status Inquiry

    Overall and Customer-specific CS Processing

  • Category, Product Information, Detailed Information Linkage

    Inventory Linkage by Product

    Release Instruction History Linkage

    Sales and Accounting History Linkage

    Waybill Number Transmission, Delivery Status Linkage by Courier

Basic Information Management

WOS Scope

Special Agreement Point (Agency), Retail Point (Customer) Management

Product Information Management

Promotion Management

Last Mile (Delivery Method) Management

Notice Management

Membership Application/Approval

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Main Features

Management of basic information for special agreement points, credit status, etc.

Management of retail points and individual customers by special agreement point

Product management (basic, sales quantity, unit price, out of stock)

Promotion and last mile management

Management of system and product-related notices

Application and approval management for general individual customer membership

Order Management

WOS Scope

Order registration

Batch order registration

Order inquiry/modification

Order status inquiry

Delivery status inquiry

CS registration/notice check

Main Features

Ordering by product and order history selection

Excel file batch order registration

Order history inquiry and modification processing

Order history, payment amount, etc. inquiry

Delivery status inquiry by order history

CS registration and notice check

Inventory Management

WOS Scope

Order confirmation/reception/modification

Inventory confirmation/release instruction

Settlement management

Performance management (customer, product, sales, etc.)

Sales/accounting history inquiry

CS management

Main Features

Customer-specific, order date-specific order history confirmation

Order history reception processing and release instruction

Customer-specific, period-specific settlement management

Customer-specific, product-specific (sales quantity, sales amount, etc.) performance management

Sales and accounting status inquiry

Overall and customer-specific CS processing

CS / Settlement Management

WOS Scope

Product management (ERP, OMS)

Product-specific inventory management (WMS)

Release instruction (WMS)

Sales/accounting history (ERP)

Waybill number/delivery status (WMS, courier)

Main Features

Linkage of categories, product information, and detailed information

Linkage of inventory by product

Linkage of release instruction history

Linkage of sales and accounting history

Linkage of waybill number transmission and delivery status by courier


Supporting quick and accurate
special delivery operations