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  • Customizing

E-Commerce Total Solution

OMS(Order Management System)
WMS(Warehouse Management System)
PMS(Product Management System)
Specialized systems applied for logistics and e-Commerce, including delivery systems for specific companies.

System Interface Expertise

Integration with various sales channels,
such as Smart Store, KakaoTalk Store, 11st, Gmarket, Shopify, for order collection and product display
Application of interfaces for automation equipment from various manufacturers, such as DAS, DPS, Pick&Check, APS, etc.
Expertise in integration with existing Legacy Systems, covering master, inbound, outbound, and order information, up to Sales Order and Billing.

User-friendly UI/UX

Maximizing user convenience with easy and intuitive screen design
Responsive web-based system that works without constraints on screen size or device type, including PC, PDA, and smartphones
Structure that supports multiple languages, including Korean, English, Japanese, etc.

Verified System Stability through On-site Operation

Establishment of various operating environments for companies such as Yuhan-Kimberly, Hanjin, etc.
Handling of monthly 1.6 million orders and more than 3 million boxes shipped through various fulfillment centers, including Ourbox and LXpantos
System design based on experience in operating fulfillment centers to prevent operational process design errors

Cutting-edge Technology through Continuous Advancement

Advanced 3D scanning and volume measurement box recommendation function for automated selection of box size to enhance accuracy
WAVE strategy utilizing Big Data and AI
System automation to minimize operations
Defense code implementation to prevent human errors and system malfunctions

Global-level System Completeness

Compliance with global company's system standards and security requirements
Strong information security provided through the application of the latest web security technologies, such as SSL certificates and encryption
Application of web standard technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, ensuring consistent appearance and normal functioning of webpages on any operating system and browser
Enhanced stability and security through robust Java design
Implementation of Java Spring/MyBatis Framework

Customization Service

Optimized development tailored to the unique business characteristics of each company
Support for integration with various systems used by companies
Essential business module provided as a basic offering for faster development period