Customer Management System (CMS)

AININetworks Aiming for a Better ICT Company

AININetworks' CMS solution integrates and manages various customer inquiries and claims from different sales channels, improving customer satisfaction, enhancing the company's image, and fostering new customer creation.

Scope and Expected Benefits of CMS (Customer Management System)

  • Category
  • Basic Information Management
  • Order Management
  • Inbound and Outbound Management
  • Customer Service / Settlement Management
  • Corresponding Channels
  • Shopping Mall / Website Inquiry Board

    Email Inquiry

    Order Claims (Exchange, Return) Request

    KakaoTalk Inquiry Response

  • CTI* (Customer Information Confirmation for Incoming Calls)

    IVR* (Interactive Voice Response)

    Recording System

    KakaoTalk Inquiry Collection

    Chatbot Response

  • News, BBS Collection

    Facebook, Blog Collection

  • Claim Situation Panel

    Response System for Agents

    Mobile-based Response System

  • Main Functions
  • Collection of Inquiry Posts, Recommending Answers

    Email Integrated Management, Recommending Answers

    Collection and Integrated Management of Order Claims

  • Systematic Response to Phone Inquiries

    KakaoTalk Inquiry Response, History Management

    Simple Inquiry Chatbot Response (Automatic Answer)

  • Internet-based Company/Product Information Collection

    Trend Issues, Sentiment Analysis

    Reporting through Text Mining

  • Real-time Monitoring of Claim Status

    Response History Management

    AI-based Optimal Answer Self-learning

    Joint Response to Important Customer Queries


Advanced Customer Claim
Response System

  • Securing Optimal Response Infrastructure
    Based on Customer Inquiry Importance
    Case-based Process Establishment
    From Immediate Response to Collaborative Response with Customer Companies
  • Ensuring System Recommended Answer Accuracy and Efficiency
    Based on AI and Ontology-based Latest Technologies
    Fast and Accurate Customer Response Environment
  • Anytime, Anywhere Customer Response
    Inquiry/claim trend monitoring and preemptive response
  • Extracting Customer Inquiry / Claim Data-based Customer Opinion Analysis Reports
    Inquiry/claim trend monitoring and preemptive response